Who are suitable for body shaping surgeries?

burun estetiginde simulasyon ve teknigin onemi
The importance of simulation and technique in nose aesthetics?
September 13, 2019
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That’s a very general question. Let’s try to make this a little narrower and more understandable. Let’s say who is suitable for body shaping with liposuction and or fat injection. Liposuction, i.e. fat removal, is not a slimming method. It is a forming method.

Liposuction is the process of reducing and shaping fat thickness in unwanted areas. Patients with very thin fat thickness do not request these surgeries anyway.

Patients with very thick adipose tissue are not suitable for these surgeries even if they want these surgeries too much. Only when liposuction is performed will the skin not collect enough and sagging will be inevitable if the tissues under the skin are reduced too much. Due to these sagging, both the desired shape will not be provided and the patients will need different stretching surgeries in the following process. It is also risky to take more than 5% of a person’s weight at a time.

Therefore, if this amount can be obtained with a single surgery, these patients are suitable for these surgeries. In general, slightly overweight patients who have not lost much skin elasticity are the most suitable patients for body shaping.

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