7 September 2022

Who is body shaping surgery suitable for?

This was a very general question. Let’s try to narrow it down a bit and try to be more understandable. Let’s say who is suitable for body shaping with liposuction or fat injection. Liposuction is not a weight loss method. It is a shaping method. Liposuction is the process of reducing and shaping the fat thickness in undesirable areas.

Patients with very thin fat thickness do not demand these surgeries anyway.

Although patients with very thick adipose tissue demand these surgeries, they are not suitable for these surgeries. When only liposuction is performed, if the tissues under the skin are reduced too much, the skin will not collect enough and sagging will be inevitable. Due to these sagging, both the desired shape will not be achieved and the patients will need different stretching surgeries in the following process. In addition, it is risky to remove more than 5% of a person’s weight at one time. For this reason, if the desired appearance can be achieved when this amount is taken with a single operation, these patients are suitable for these surgeries.

In general, patients who are slightly overweight and have not lost their skin elasticity much are the most suitable patients for body shaping.