7 September 2022

Importance of simulation and technique in rhinoplasty?

Plastic surgeries are arbitrary procedures. The aesthetic perception of the patient may be very different from the perception of the doctor or the perception of other people. This is also not a subject for discussion. Tastes and colors are indisputable.

In addition, the images that patients want to tell their doctors with terms such as raised, prominent, inkwell, natural can have very different meanings. Even if the nose shape that a patient thinks for himself emerges exactly, he may realize later that it is in harmony with the rest of his face and become unhappy.

For all these reasons, the patient’s expectation should be evaluated objectively and its compatibility with the whole face should be explained to the patient on a visual. For these reasons, simulation is of vital importance to me for rhinoplasty surgeries.

Simulation is the process of making the possible results of the changes made on the patient’s own picture in a way that the patient can see and make an opinion on. In addition, the nose image in the simulation should have an anatomically acceptable structure.

Changes are made to the image. There is no guarantee that this result will be 100% as predicted. However, very serious differences and disagreements, if any, will be eliminated.

While performing a simulation on the patient, the changes made on the photograph must be compatible with the surgery that can be performed. The doctor should make a simulation that is suitable for both his own technique and the patient’s nose anatomy and tissue quality. Not every simulation should be done in the same way for every patient. In addition, simulating only on the photograph without seeing the patient may also produce false results.

It is important that the surgery is performed in accordance with the simulation as well as the simulation is done in accordance with the surgery. Each doctor has his own methods to obtain results suitable for simulation. As someone who has given importance to this for years, I also use some methods myself. The happiness of my patients is my greatest achievement. That’s why I try to do my best for them in the best way possible.