7 September 2022

Frequently asked questions about abdominoplasty?

Abdominoplasty is an aesthetic surgery that helps to make the body look healthier and more beautiful. As with almost all other stretching surgeries, the aim is to make the shape and tension of the subcutaneous tissues appropriate.

Fat tissues under the skin have a covering function. Since these tissues do not have a large carrying capacity, they usually respond to abdominal wall enlargements by expanding and sagging.

The most frequently asked question about tummy tuck surgery: is this surgery suitable for me? is the question.

Who is suitable for a tummy tuck:

Abdominoplasty is suitable for patients who have gained excessive weight, have sagging abdomen, and have not regained their tummy as they wish, despite losing these weights. I underline “despite losing weight”. This means that it is not appropriate to perform these surgeries above a certain weight. It’s not because surgery can’t be done. It is because the surgery will not give the desired result. As a result, the weight factor that increases abdominal tension has not disappeared. It is therefore not always possible to stretch the abdominal wall as desired. In addition, when the abdominal wall is stretched in patients with thick subcutaneous fat tissue, this thick tissue will not show the shaped abdominal wall below properly and the patient will not be very satisfied with it.

So what can we do for these patients?

We can help these patients. First of all, we explain this situation to the patients and thin the abdominal skin as much as possible with liposuction. We do the patient’s tummy tuck surgery after that. If the abdominal skin is too thick and the amount of fat to be removed is too much, we do not recommend that patients undergo both operations at the same time. Since performing tummy tuck surgery at the same time may cause problems in patients who have had too much liposuction, we recommend waiting at least 3, preferably 6 months, between these two surgeries.

Does this tummy get bigger by doing sports?

Leather is not a tissue that gathers by doing sports. By doing sports, the volume and posture of the muscles become better, but unfortunately the skin does not recover. Skin collection is possible in two ways. When the factors that put pressure on the skin from below decrease, for example, when the fat tissue becomes thin, if the skin has not lost its elasticity, it can recover. If the skin elasticity is deteriorated due to age and excessive weight gain, recovery may not be as desired despite weight loss. Another way to tighten the skin is to benefit from some technologies. Today, the use of some methods such as laser, ultrasound and plasma energy during liposuction in suitable patients are other applications that can increase skin tightness.