One of the elements that makes the female body look beautiful is the hips. Plump, round-lined and upright-looking hips are one of the details women most yearn to have today. However, not only women, but also men today want to have surgery to have shapelier hips. Hip aesthetics, also called gluteoplasty, cover applications for obtaining the ideal hip image. Applications also vary according to the different needs of patients. Basically, three different methods are used in hip aesthetics:

*Hip butt aesthetics, plumping and formatting

*Hip butt lifting

*Hip butt reduction


Plumping – Forming The tissue thickness in the missing areas is increased with fat injection and the butt melon is re-arranged, thus ingring out a more beautiful and more alive appearance. In order for this method to be applied, sufficient fat reserves in the patient’s body must be taken from the areas where fat is not desired (hips, waist, lower and outer sides of the butt) and transported to the desired areas. The fat taken from the person himself is intensified by special processes and the butt is plumped by placing it in the necessary areas of the butt. Hip replacement is a method that should be used in other parts of the body in cases where there is not enough fat reserve or due to preference. These are silicone prostheses, such as those used in the breast. But their shape is different. They are products specially designed for hips. Prostheses are placed in the hip muscle from a short cut made from the gore between the hips. Since the trace is in the natural fold, it is not easily noticed. This process lets the butt stand out and high towards the back.


They are surgeries performed due to the reduction of fat tissue and sagging due to weakening of muscle structures after the weakening of the skin that expands after gaining excess weight. It is the process of removing the skin from the top of the hip and removing the entire hip area with the hanger process. In patients with medium and good skin quality, fat injection or prosthesis application may be sufficient if sagging is not much.


It is the process of shrinking the butt by applying liposuction to certain areas.


As in all surgeries, it is possible to cut aspirin and smoking 3 weeks before surgery in hip aesthetic surgeries. In the last 1 week, it is important to avoid drugs and similar substances that can in blood.


It is carried out in the operating room environment and under general anesthesia. The operation time takes between 2-3 hours according to the processing techniques and order.


After the operation, the patient may need to stay in the hospital the same night. If prosthesis or fat injection is applied after surgery, a special corset is used for 4-8 weeks. In these surgeries, it is recommended that the patient rest face down for the first 10-15 days. In cases where it requires sitting, it is recommended to use a soft pillow during this period and keep the sitting time as short as possible. In case of liposuction, it is enough to use corsets for 3-4 weeks. Healing completed in 2-10 days according to the surgery performed. The patient’s swelling is completed in 3-6 months to land and take the full form of the hips. After 30 – 45 days, active sports can be started. It is required to sit carefully and get up for 2 months after the placement of a butt prosthesis.