To be a mother is something most women look forward to with great enthusiasm. Yet, pregnancy and lactation period generally produce some changes in woman’s body which adversely effect self-confidence and comfort. When expected results are not obtained through diet and exercise people resort to mommy makeover aesthetics in order to re-gain their original physique.

Mommy Makeover Aesthetics is an extensive process that has to be planned privately for each mother.

Mommy makeover aesthetics can be defined as a group of surgical operations done to remedy unwanted changes in a woman’s body that occured after pregnancy and lactation. Any combination of such surgeries has to be selected only  in accordance with unique needs of each mother. Surgeries done to provide a mother with such breast appearances as of proper size and not sagging, and a sportive and esthetic tummy are the primary applications of mommy makeover aesthetics. Operations to remove the changes in the breasts also differ due to needs of each patient. While some women complain about significant sagging of their breasts, others may suffer only from shrinkage of their breast volume. There are also cases where these changes ocur together but to different extents. Indeed, types of surgeries changes accordingly.  Same goes for the tummy aesthetics, too; scope of surgeries differs from person to person in view of the patient’s private needs. Tummy sagging, inter muscle slackening or irregular fat build up may appear to different extents. The extents of these changes and the expectations of the patients determine the scope and the targets of the operations to be made.


Mommy makeover aesthetics is an extensive process which is to be planned in consideration of mother’s private needs and expectations. Mothers who get aware of the permanent changes in their bodies in consequence of pregnancy, lactation, dramatic weight loss or aging and want to get rid of these undesired changes may prefer mommy makeover aesthetics. Women who reached and maintain their target body weights for a certain period of time are the ideal candidates for mommy makeover aesthetics. Starting time for mommy makeover aesthetics should not be less than six months after termination of lactation.

Expectations from Mommy Makeover Aesthetics.

Various methods can be used in mommy makeover aesthetics surgeries and their durations can vary, too. A surgery often lasts from 2 to 5 hours depending on the scope of the procedure applied. Length of recovery period after the surgery can vary in accordance with the patient’s age, her general state of health, her tissue quality and the techniques utilized in the operations. It is of utmost importance that the patients pay maximum attention to the medical advices given to them during the recovery. No smoking, avoiding heavy and intense physical exercise, and healthy nutrition are essential until the end of recovery.  It is quite often that problems may arise in different parts of the body after pregnancy and lactation. Mommy makeover aesthetics offers the patient a single solution combining multiple procedures and thus provides the mother the advantage of having one recovery period only. Moreover, treatment of the whole body in one attempt produces holistic results in harmony with each other. There may be cases, however, that the problems are so severe that more than one sessons of treatment have to be necessary for a total remedy. In such cases the physician’s duty has to be informing the patient of all details of her current stuation and guiding through her treatment  planning.