Lip Aesthetics (labioplasty)

Having a plump and smooth shape of your lips, which is one of the most important elements that complement the beauty of the face, is a must for attractiveness, fertility, femininity and most importantly beauty. Having beautiful lips is a privilege that every woman would want. For this reason, it is possible to make your lip structure that changes structurally or with aging more ideal, and to make lips that are too plump or with incompatibilities in shape more aesthetic.

Why Is Lip Aesthetics Performed

It is preferred to strengthen the beauty approach on the faces of women with thin lip structure or too lip structure. As a result; the shape of the lips becomes clear while preserving its naturalness. In addition, wrinkles on the lips and lip lines that get smaller due to age can be restored. The more vivid and better quality of your lip tissues can be achieved by stimulating the collagen production in the lip tissue. Lip is a dynamic structure. Excessive lip movements can be reduced by these methods. In this way, in cases where your palate is excessively stretched and your palate appears too much, your lip movements can be limited with different methods and the complaints can be eliminated.

What are the Types of Lip Aesthetics?

Lip aesthetic operations can be grouped into three main groups as volume- increasing methods, volume reduction methods and methods that intervene in the lip palate relationship. It is the process of filling with foreign filling materials or the person’s own tissues, reshaping the lips with surgery and changing the way of laughing..

1- Volume increasing methods: These methods; It includes methods such as injections of synthetic fillers, using the person’s own tissues or placing a silicone implant ( permalip). It is not a method of liquid silicone injection to the lips or any other area. Although it is called silicone injection in the society, filling materials are not liquid silicone. Liquid silicone injection should not be applied because it causes serious problems. The aim of all these methods is to make the lip fuller without losing is naturalness.

  2- Volume reduction methods: Two basic techniques are applied. The first is to reduce the fleshy part of the lip massively with the incisions made through the mouth and the second method is to reduce the upper lip distance, which is applied to people with long nose lip distance. Since the scars left after the operations are hidden in the lower border of the nose and in the mouth, it does not disturb patients..

  3-Methods that intervene in the lip palate relationship: It can be considered as the procedures of changing the lip shape while smiling. They are applied when the lip movement is more upward than the sides or when upper palate is long. Although this may seem very sympathetic to some people (like Kemal Sunal), it is not preferred by most. It includes Botox or muscle manipulation operations where the upward movement of the lip is reduced and orthodontic operations to shorten the palate. For orthodontic operations, the plastic surgeon must work in coordination with an orthodontic maxillofacial dentist.

Anaesthesia Method

General of regional anaesthesia is applied according to the technique of the operation to be performed. In some operations that do not require surgical intervention, even regional anaesthesia is not applied.

Healing Process after Lip Aesthetics

The lips are one of the most sensitive parts of our body. It is common to experience bruising and swelling after the operation, as it swells easily and has a large amount of blood circulation. In 7-10 days, brushing and swelling will disappear.