Physical and aesthetic problems in one's genitalia can impair your personal quality of life and excitement of sex life. This is an operation carried out with the aim of reducing the problem threshold with genital area aesthetics.


Many women have problems with their genital areas after birth or after give birth or due to the reasons of aging. These problems can badly affect the sex lives of women and their spouses. However, in this sensitive issue, which seems taboo, it is known to make big differences with very small surgical interventions. Vaginal shape disorders in the vaginal lips; operation is performed due to symmetrical, sagging.


Genital area aesthetics can be applied alone or together according to the physical needs of the person. Fat injections: After excessive weight loss, with the effect of gravity and the progression of age, the genital area loses fat tissue, the inside of the outer lips of the vagina is empty and winding. The adipose tissue taken from another part of the body is purized by processing and given to both the pubic area and the outer lips. In this way, a full and young appearance is obtained in the genital area. Labioplasty: (Inner lip reduction) It is the procedure of surgical intervention of the inner lip due to difference in shape, size and appearance in the female external genital area. In normal patient, labial sagging is 1.5 cm, while in patients presenting for labioplasty, sagging is about 4 cm. In the reduction process, the desired aesthetic appearance should be gained and the sensory ends should be protected. Vaginoplasty:(Vaginal tightening) It is an intervention in women to relax as a result of increased flexibility of the outer wall of the vagina in the genital area after pregnancy and childbirth. This problem can be addressed by narrowing the vagina with a simple surgical procedure..


It is a delicate intervention that should be performed in an operating room. General anesthesia is performed under local anesthesia or sedation. Genital area aesthetic surgeries last between 1-2 hours according to the methods and procedures performed.


Most genital aesthetic procedures are not painful. In case of pain, it can be controlled with simple painkillers. Patients are usually sent home on the same day.


  • *After two days, they are allowed to take a shower.

    *After labioplasty and vaginoplasty, genitals should be washed with special solutions.

    *It is important to be careful when sitting and getting up for the first few days.

    *There should be no sexual intercourse for 3 weeks.