7 September 2022

How is breast augmentation done with fat injection?

Patients who are suitable for breast augmentation surgery are those whose breasts have never reached the desired volume and therefore have not sagged, young patients who have not had sagging, women who have subsequently lost volume without significant sagging in their breasts, and those who have asymmetry between their breasts and are predicted to improve volumetrically. Subcutaneous adipose tissue from the patient’s own body is used for breast augmentation surgery with fat injection. Liposuction surgery is needed to make this fat usable. As you know, in order to perform liposuction, first of all, it is determined which areas of our patient have unwanted fat accumulations. For this reason, a general examination of the patient is made and roughly how much fat can be obtained is calculated. The need is determined according to body structure and breast size. If the amount of fat accumulation is sufficient to meet the need, this surgery can be performed.

During liposuction, incisions smaller than 1 cm are made from the areas close to the areas where fat removal is decided, and the fat tissue in that area is inflated with appropriate solutions. This process both reduces bleeding and allows more controlled operation during fat removal. Traces are preferably placed in areas that will not attract much attention. The extracted fat is processed in a suitable reservoir during the surgery without being exposed. The breast is shaped by injecting the fat made suitable for injection into the desired areas of the breast from the neighboring regions of the breasts through holes smaller than one centimeter.

Since some of the fat injected into the breast will melt within a few months, this is foreseen and if possible, more fat injection is tried to be made.

The advantages of fat injection are the absence of some prosthesis complications, which we call foreign body reaction, since it is obtained from the patient’s own tissues, the absence of relatively long scars required to place the prosthesis, and the compatibility of these tissues with the changes in the breast over time, unlike the prosthesis.

Studies have shown that there is no cancer development in the breasts with fat injection. The drawback between fat injection and cancer development is related to the fact that some misleading images may occur in mammography due to fat injection. Today, differential diagnosis can be easily made with MRI by a good breast radiologist.

Apart from that, the development of infection or fat necrosis among the side effects of fat injection are issues that patients should be aware of. During the oil injection, preventive antibiotic treatment is always applied to prevent the development of infection. This reduces the risk very adequately. It is important to follow the prescribed antibiotic treatment after the surgery. Fat necrosis usually occurs when more fat is injected than the tissues can accept. For this reason, excessive breast enlargement is not recommended for breast augmentation surgeries with fat injection. However, it is often possible to reliably have adequate breasts with oil injection. You can find out if this surgery is suitable for you as an examination.