The importance of simulation and technique in nose aesthetics?

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September 9, 2019
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burun estetiginde simulasyon ve teknigin onemi

Aesthetic surgeries are arbitrary procedures. The aesthetic perception of the patient can be very different from the perception of the doctor or the perception of other people.

This is not up for discussion. Tastes and colors are indisputable. In addition, the image that patients want to tell their doctors with terms such as up and up, prominent and natural can also go to very different meanings. Even if the nose shape that a patient thinks for him or her is fully revealed, he may later notice the harmony with the rest of his face and be unhappy.

For all these reasons, the patient’s expectations should be evaluated objectively and the harmony of this with the whole face should be explained to the patient on a visual. Simulation is vital for me for rhinoplasty surgeries for these reasons. Simulation is the process of performing the results that are likely to be obtained by the changes made on the patient’s own picture in such a way that the patient will see and conduct an idea. In addition, the nose image in the simulation should have an anatomically acceptable structure.

Changes made are made to the image. There is no guarantee that this result will be as predicted 100 percent. However, very serious differences and differences of opinion, if any, are eliminated. When performing a simulation on the patient, the changes made on the photo should be compatible with the surgery that can be performed. The doctor should perform a simulation in accordance with both his own technique and the patient’s nasal anatomy and tissue quality. Not every simulation should be done in the same way in every patient.

In addition, simulating only through photography without seeing the patient can produce incorrect results. It is important that the surgery is performed in accordance with the simulation as well as the simulation. Each doctor has his own methods for obtaining results suitable for simulation. As someone who’s cared about it for years, I use some methods of my own. It’s my greatest achievement that my patients are happy. Therefore, I strive to do my best for them in the best way possible.

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