The most frequently asked questions about abdominoplasty?

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Tummy tingling surgery is a plastic surgery that works to make the body appearance look healthier and more beautiful. As with almost all other stretching surgeries during tummy tingling, the aim is to make the shape and tension of the tissues under the skin suitable. The fat tissues under the skin have the task of covering. Since these tissues do not have much carrying capacity, they usually react to abdominal wall expansions by expanding and sagging. The most common question we face about tummy tingling surgery is: is this surgery right for me?

Who is suitable for tummy tingling surgery?

Tummy tingling surgery is suitable for patients who have gained excess weight, who have sagging and who have not collected the abdomen as they would like, despite losing these weights afterwards. I underline that even though patient’s lost weight. So it is not appropriate to perform these surgeries over a certain weight. It’s not that surgery can’t be performed. Since the surgery will not give the desired result. As a result, the weight factor that increases abdominal tension has not disappeared. Therefore, it is not always possible to stretch the abdominal wall as desired. In addition, when the abdominal wall is stretched in patients who have not lost thick weight, this thick tissue will not properly show the shaped abdominal wall at the bottom and the patient will not be very satisfied with this.

And we can’t do anything for these patients?

We can help these patients. First of all, we tell the patients about this situation and thin the abdominal skin as much as possible with liposuction, i.e. fat removal surgery. We do the patient’s tummy tingling surgery from now on. If the abdominal skin is too thick and the amount of fat to be taken is too high, we do not recommend that patients have both surgeries at the same time. We recommend waiting at least 3 preferably 6 months between these two surgeries, as tummy tingling surgery at the same time can cause problems in patients with a lot of liposuction.

Does the patient’s abdomen recover by working out?

Skin is not a tissue that collects by playing sports. By playing sports, the volume and posture of the muscles become better, but unfortunately the skin does not recover. It is possible to collect the deep in two ways. When the factors that pressure the skin from the bottom are reduced, for example, when the fat tissue is thinned, the skin can recover if it has not lost its elasticity. If skin elasticity is disturbed due to age and excessive weight gain and loss, it may not be as desired to recover despite losing weight. Another way to tighten your skin is to take advantage of some technologies. Today, the use of some methods such as laser, ultrasound and plasma energy during liposuction in eligible patients is other applications that can increase skin tightness.

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