Op. Dr. Hakan Teymur

Op. Dr. Hakan TEYMUR was born in 1980 in Cyprus. He completed his primary, secondary and high school education in Cyprus. In 1997, he won the Hacettepe Faculty of Medicine and started his medical education as the first in the TRNC.

After graduating from the university, he received his Plastic Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery branch training from Ege University and continue received d to work in Ankara Training and Research Hospital Plastic Surgery Clinic after her compulsory service. In this process, he played a role in the training of new Plastic Surgery physicians as well as his own personal development.

The biggest reason for choosing his profession is that, during his internship during his university years, he understood that Plastic Surgery is a field that requires creativity, meticulousness, design ability and hand skills, and he thinks that he should choose a goal in this way. Throughout his professional life, he tried to perform the most challenging surgeries of Plastic Surgery and tried to improve himself in this field. Being aware of the fact that education continues throughout life, it tries to be a follower and implementer of innovations.

Having the European Plastic Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery Board Qualification Certificate (EBOPRAS Board Certificate), Op. Dr. Hakan TEYMUR continues to serve his patients in both Aesthetic and Reconstructive surgery areas for all Plastic Surgery problems seen from birth to advanced stages of life.

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What is Reconstructive Plastic Surgery?

This surgical medicine branch, whose full name is Plastic Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery, is generally called "Plastic Surgery" or "Aesthetic surgery". It is mostly featured in the media with its plastic surgery operations and applications. In fact, plastic surgery operations and interventions are the tip of the iceberg in Plastic Surgery.

Aesthetic surgery operations constitute 10-20% of Plastic Surgery applications. Most plastic surgery operations include hand surgery, reconstructive microsurgery, maxillofacial surgery, orthognathic surgery, head-neck and skin tumors surgery, congenital hand, facial anomalies treatment, cleft lip-palate treatment, craniofacial surgery, acute-chronic wound treatment, tissue transplantation (graft). and flap surgery).

(European Board Of Plastic, Reconstructive And Aesthetic Surgery)

Ebopras; European plastic, reconstructive and aesthetic surgery qualification. As can be viewed on the official website at Ebopras.org, it is a postgraduate qualification given as a result of the written and oral exams organized once a year by the European Plastic Surgery Association. Ebopras is a Quality Recognition.

Op. Dr. Hakan TEYMUR received this certificate on 6 November 2016.

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